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some dodgy drawings & possibly the occasional yap about telly, comix & my beloved brats

25 September
- hallo! - i'm a 443 year old human disaster area faceache doughboy who = lucky enuff to live in sweet suburbia with one better half, two kids, two cats, five fish & one imminent hamster - left to my own devices i'd rarely venture out of the house - "i may be infinitely older than the rocks where i sit & have died more times than the vampire" but i like to think i'm reasonably harmless...

30th century comics, alan bennett, andrew marr, andy warhol, anthony powell, apes, are you being served?, arsenal fc, avengers, avril lavigne, bapa, bargain hunt, batman, big brother, billie piper, binge drinking, bless this house, bob dylan, boston legal, brian matthew, brie cheese, bruce forsyth, burger king, buzzcocks, caption, car booty, carla bozulich, carry on films, cats, celebrity masterchef, charles hawtrey, cocktails, columbo, comics, coronation street, crisps, curry, daleks, delia smith, denny crane, diana coupland, doctor who, drawing, drawings, elvis presley, evelyn waugh, fantasy advertiser, fawlty towers, fern britton, flimsy, flimsy monsterworks, frank robbins, freeview, garth ennis, gorillas, graham greene, hank kingsley, harry hill, hellboy, homer simpson, inspector morse, itsu, j jonah jameson, jack kirby, james kochalka, jellytown, jessica mitford, joanna newsom, joe pasquale, john cale, john le mesurier, jonathan richman, julie newmar, kate bush, lager, late onset diabetes, leslie phillips, lorne spicer, lorraine kelly, mark millar, marvel comics, masterchef, mastermind, maynards wine gums, mike mignola, modesty blaise, morrissey, new friends, orson welles, oz, preacher, prince, putney, putney library, radio times, ray stubbs, rolling stones, roy thomas, royal tenenbaums, russ meyer, sally geeson, sandman, seaside, sexploitation, sidney james, simon raven, sounds of the sixties, spice girls, spider-man, spider-man 3, stan lee, star trek, steve ditko, steve whitaker, stickismyfriend, strictly come dancing, sundays, superf*ckers, sylvester mccoy, telly, terry-thomas, the apprentice, the larry sanders show, the new battlestar galactica, the pipettes, the smiths, twomorrows, ukcac, uktv gold, ultimates, velvet underground, victoria wood, watching telly, william g stewart, wine gums, zombies, zuvembies