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would anyone like to sponsor me to do one of MY DODGY DRAWINGS IN AID OF RED NOSE DAY/COMIC RELIEF? - for a minimum pledge of a quid ( or a couple of dollars ) i'll draw you the comics/cartoon character of your choice with appropriate accompanying wording/lyrics/quotes of your choosing ( or if you prefer, my choice )


- please excuse desperate dodgy iron man! - further examples of my "work" can be found in my some recent LJ posts & here:

( i ought to make it clear that these would be digital drawings so there'd be no original artwork to send you - sorry! )

& i've set up a "giving page" to collect sponsorship money ( tho i certainly don't expect anyone to pay up until after they've "got" their drawing ) here:
( you don't *have* to use this to join in - it's just an option )

THANKS VERY MUCH to all those who've already sponsored me - fundraising for red nose day culminates w/the big telly thing on 15th march so the window of opportunity to get the dodgy drawing of your choice would be from now until then - ANY TAKERS...?

ps. it doesn't have to be super-heroes - i'm willing to have a "stab" at ANYTHING

pps. here's a link to some info on the goob work comic relief does:

EDIT as of 17/04/2013: MY DODGY DRAWING CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED! - with £660 raised for comic relief's good causes in the UK & africa - all 70 drawings are now done & you can see 'em here:
- THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYBODY who sponsored & supported me...!

( & altho i'm not taking any more requests for drawings, of course you can still DONATE TO THIS VERY GOOB CAUSE via the link to my "giving page" above... )

Tags: comic relief, dodgy drawings, red nose day

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