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some memories of & thoughts abt my dear ole friend martinskidmore  who died last wednesday

ITEM! i first martin in the early 1980s at a westminster hall gomic mart ( or possibly at the crackers boozeup the night before? ) - when me & my mate giddyoldgoat  were producing a bernard bresslaw fanzine which was sortof a parody of the x-men fan glub zine, cerebro - martin was particularly tickled by our idea for b.bresslaw chess pieces ie random bits of rock - so of a similar quality to those horrors "sculpted" by the leader of the XMFC

( i just realised i was 18 then so it must've been 28 or 29 years ago - blimey...! )

ITEM! no matter what his "proper job" was i always thought of him as THE BEST FANZINE EDITOR EVER - particularly for FA/fantasy advertiser ( i was SO PLEASED when he brought it back in online form last year ) but also when he edited worlds collide, in gollaboration with his dear pal, dave dursley

ITEM! visiting him ( & his then wife jackie ) in bristol & leicester - they were very welcoming & had cable telly before anybody else i knew

ITEM! martin & jackie staying with my mum & dad one easter - & martin having to be rushed to st thomas's hospital on the sunday morning in agony with kidney stones - probly due to his poor diet - he was never in very robust health but when visiting pals he'd disregard this & would stay up til all hours yapping away - i was also present for a gouple of his epileptic fits during the 80s - quite frightening

ITEM! when he was editor of trident gomics i happened to see martin's letter of rejection to my then flatmate, tim p - it's the nicest one i've ever read - very detailed, carefully explaining why he couldn't use tim's submission but encouraging him to send another one

ITEM! my first visit to martin's t*tt*nh*m flat for an new year's party featuring an enormous plate of economy ham - & cans of skol lager he kept for years & years afterwards

ITEM! martin's strange relationship with food - to say he was a fussy eater would be an extreme understatement - but when he liked something, he REALLY liked it - i once had a postcard enthusing over the quality of a burger he had on holiday in spain - & there are similar stories abt a mango juice he had in india, the lasagne piratemoggy  cooked for him - & most recently of course his gomments abt the ten juice smoothies he enjoyed in hospital

ITEM! if you let him, martin could talk to you for well over an hour abt how he'd improved the system for washing up at the motorway service station where he once worked

ITEM! martin was a big wrestling fan but he loved this quote: "can you imagine the mentality of somebody who watches wrestling?" by max von sydow's character in hannah & her sisters

ITEM! martin's once proud nickname "leicester's king of the crisps" was usurped by that johnny come lately gary lineker

on a related note, here's a nice pic by andrew moreton from comics friends reunited 2009

the king of the crisps

it's how i like to remember martin: eating crisps & talking to friends

ITEM! the only time i've been to the new wembley stadium was with martin, to watch his team bristol rovers beat shrewsbury town in the playoff finals - & you can imagine, he was delighted & it was a pleasure to see him so happy - erkinpeaviss  & i also went to graven gottage with him once to watch bristol rovers draw with fulham

ITEM! i'll miss watching arsenal matches at martin's flat - i always thought it was a bit odd going to t*tt*nh*m to watch the mighty arse but always used to end up going a few times a season - often with giddyoldgoat 

ITEM! just in case you didn't know, his middle name was herbert - & like odo stevens in "a dance to the music of time" he didn't care for it much

ITEM! martin was always very kind & encouraging abt my drawings - printing stuff i'm sure no-one else would ( including a gontroversial gover for FA ) & was often enthusiastic abt my strips in the face of massive dislike or at best indifference elsewhere

ITEM! no matter how much or how often we argued about it, i could never gonvince martin that stan lee made a worthwhile or valid gontribution to the marvel gomics stories of jack kirby or steve ditko

ITEM! i just wanna say i know that martin treasured a great deal the friendships he made through livejournal, ILX, freaky trigger, poptimism, the singles jukebox et al - he was immensely pleased to be in yr gompany & very proud of the achievements of his ( mostly ) young friends - & on a personal note: reading all yr online tributes to martin has been a great gomfort to me

ITEM! this is my first livejournal post this year - i joined LJ in april 2007 at the urgings of martin & steve whitaker aka stickismyfriend  ( who died in 2008 ) - & although never say never, it'll probably be my last for a while - once katie was born i found it increasingly difficult to keep up with reading LJ, let alone posting on it - & with bumpo mike due in december, well...

- having said that, i would very much like to keep in touch with "team skidmore" tho ( ie everyone here who i met through martin )

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