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"we're always in our clubhouse getting high..."

ITEM! they're still having go go at that poor lady (i mean triumphant eurovision winner) from serbia - i just heard her described on the radio as a cross between joe pasquale & alan bennett! previous gomparisons overheard include: lou costello out of abbott & costello and "row-land" from grange hill

ITEM! here's another comics review you lucky people: superf*ckers no.279 by james kochalka ( - if i'm keeping count gorrectly, this = the fourth issue ) ( warning: SPOILERS follow )

after my last comix review of the ennis & crain ghost rider, this 'un also features a character with a flaming skull (called at various times omnizod, percy & megafaggot) but it couldn't be more different otherwise - in GR you didn't see anyone roasting sausages on his firey head (mind you, if garth ennis had thought of it...)

actually, some of the dialogue isn't a million miles away from that in ghost rider, highlighting just how absurd the "mainstream" gomics i love really are: "i will BURN your home dimension! i will RAPE the souls of your teammates for a MILLION years!" - cue laughter and gollapse of the stout party

kochalka's bright, breezy, frothy & filthy style is perfect for this legion of superheroes spoof where the overthetop vulgar teen slacker superheroes fight amongst themselves to the point of imbicility (& beyond)

actually the LSH trappings, a young superteam in a clubhouse, just act as a springboard allowing kochalka to craft this hilarious story of demented adolescents - it is interesting that his superf*ckers characters seem much more "alive" than any of his other comix creations (ingluding himself in his autobiographical stuff) - & i'm sure hanging the story in the superhero closet doesn't do sales any harm either

the colour art generally looks great but it sure aint subtle (sunglasses may be required for the scenes set in jack krak's room) but overall his expressive cartoon drawings take the colour beautifully

the story = vortex has saved the world again & this time he's changed reality to better suit his point of view, so we get to see jack krak in a tutu ("these are man ruffles"), grotus as team leader and princess sunshine as his girlfriend - but my favourite bit was the clone of orange lightning digging up his original body from the grave so he could use his skull as a bong

if you're offended by swearing, the use of the words gay & retard as an insult, super-abortions, inter-species sex, golden showers, drug use and/or general impudence this is probably not the comic for you - it really is very funny tho

( i'm not sure if die-hard fans of the legion of super-heroes would like it either - they might find it a bit "disrespectful" )

i guess the challenge for kochalka is if continues with these characters & this format can he keep it as funny & stop it from going stale? he's succeeded so far imo

btw, superf*cker of the month = superdan - if you've ever had the urge to see him naked in a centerfold pose, this is YOUR time

ITEM! you can listen to (& download) the superf*ckers theme tune here:

( can we please have kochalka as our eurovision entry next year? )
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