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" a frail but a passionate greature - ebony hair & eyes a deep blue green "

it's a british soap awards 2008 "special", i'm afraid

ITEM! i don't watch the soaps any more ( w/the exception of the frank butcher's funeral eastenders omnibus which brought back bianca, ricky & janine-ee-oh ) but teletext & the british soap awards help to keep me partly up to speed w/what's going on - & also it's nice to see the beautiful ppl enjoying themselves beautifully, obv

ITEM! presented by pip schofield & fern britton - o, poor fern - she's lost so much weight but doesn't look goob at all - it may be better for her health & she'll live longer but she's a shadow of her former voluptuous self: she looked tired, haggard & wrinkly ( - mind you, i wish i cld do it myself )

to be fair to fern, i thort she had one of the nicest frocks of the evening - all black & sparkly & slinky - btw, i'm hoping jauntyemma might chip in w/a few gomments abt the frocks if she watched it & can spare the time - i don't really feel qualified myself - all other gomments grapefully received, of course

ITEM! jo joyner ( that nice lady who was killed by the daleks in the 1st series of the new dr who ) won best dramatic performance for burying alive her cheating ginger husband in eastenders

ITEM! rubbing salt into the wound dept: one of the losing nominees was asked to come up & accept the best gomedy award on behalf of blanche ( deirdre's mum ) from corrie who couldn't make it - i thort this was a bit mean ( it's hard enuff to keep smiling & be gracious in defeat w/out having to big up the winner & gollect their prize ) - but she was v.magnanimous & made probly the best speech of the evening ( - i dunno her name but she plays an evil shrewish looking greature who works in roy's rolls )

ITEM! fao katstevens: hollyoaks won loads, including best actor ( the ice skating bloke ) & best actress ( it sounded like her name was eleanor rigby - she was squeezed into a v.revealing white dress ) , sexiest female ( i guess that's why they call it dollyoaks ), best on screen partnership ( two funny blokes ), best exit ( gemma biscuits ) & best car crash ( over a cliff into a lake )

ITEM! soap awards related star spot: ( on bank holiday monday ) nathaniel parker ( w/hair dyed very black indeed ) chatting to a lady friend outside the prince of wales pub ( which is open only v.rarely these days ) in upper richmond road, putney - he gave out the award for best screen partnership

ITEM! other award presenters included: the league of gentlemen bloke who was dr lazarus in dr who, bet lynch ( vera duckworth looked very stony faced & applauded v.half heartedly as she came on stage ), jeremy vyle, barry humphries ( not funny as usual ), patrick mower ( innee posh in real life? ), prunella scales ( still sexy after all these years ), victor meldrew & sue ellen from dallas

ITEM! curly watts ( he used to be in a band w/johnny marr, y'know ) came back from the grave to present the lifetime achievement award to vera duckworth - she also got a message of gongratulations from prince charles - & eastenders won the top award, best soap ( - after all the awards they'd won throughout the evening i was half expecting it to be hollyoaks )

ITEM! cos of the scheduling glash i had to tape the apprentice - o dear, i've got a feeling it's gonna be pretty difficult to get through the day without finding out who got fired

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