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" - i'm hiding in the small print - won't you take another look...? "

ITEM! anyone got any goob recommendations for cat insurance...? - yesterday we got sainsbury's pet care's quote for the goming year - & it's double what we've been paying ( a little under £15 a month for the two of 'em ) - so that's them down the dumper - they don't even offer a courtesy cat ( or gourtesy gat ) if one of ours is off the road for a while

( our pusses = 6 years, 10 months old - we've only ever made one claim - for abt £150 - when enzo had bladder trouble w/"struvite crystals" in his down belows two or three years ago - lulu has still got her no claims bonus )

above: lulu, enzo & "i have been chosen" alien friend

ITEM! just in case anyone missed part one of the EXCELLENT "cora's breakfast" gomic strip by nick abadzis in saturday's grauniad you can download a pdf of it from here

ITEM! is it just me or does anyone else find the thought of shreddies being "knitted" by ole grannies a bit off putting...? - normally i like shreddies but have gone back to weetabix for breakfast for the moment

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