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more on the late ( - ha ) steve whitaker aka stickismyfriend
( - if anyone doesn't know what i'm going on about here & is curious, please refer to my previous long winded & incoherent post )

i was talking to some friends of ol' steve on sunday ( - while we had several drinks to his memory, obv ) - & i suggested setting up a livejournal tribute gommunity, where ppl could post their own thoughts on steve, anecdotes, drawings by him, drawings of him, photos, fanzine articles, etc - anything steve witko related basically ( - i'd hope that scans from the bapa tribute swisstone is organising would also go on there in the fullness of time )
anyway, i propose to set this up - but i don't wanna step on anyone's toes - if anyone objects to this for any reason, please let me know - & if anyone has similar plans ( or thinks i'm unsuitable for the job ) i'm quite happy to step aside ( - apart from anything else i don't gurrently have access to a scanner, tho obv this can be sorted out ) - just to be clear: i don't particularly want to be "in charge" of a steve based gommunity, i just want it to exist
also, does anyone have any ideas for the name of a gommunity devoted to steve? - a gonsensus had been reached in our small gathering on sunday but stickisourfriend is one character too long for a community according to livejournal rules ( 15 characters max ) ( - also in the cold light of day, it does look a bit like sticky sour friend ) ( - this would've def. made steve laugh - but be totally inappropriate )
other thoughts were: worldofsteve, worldofwitko, windowcakes ( - inspired by an email conversation with steve's ole pal ben sheppard ), bluesnakey or ourfriendstick but i'd really appreciate any input, suggestions etc

( drawing of iron man & crystal by steve whitaker - a housewarming pressy to me & jenni - plse click to make it bigger )

when i got home on sunday, i saw that jinty had v.kindly posted loads of links to tributes to steve but there's been a goob few more since then, so here's everything i could find ( this hopefully includes everything on includes jinty's list )

steve whitaker - collective memory

matt brooker ( - the posts in matt's gomments section = a who's who of steve's pals - & it also includes a message from steve's brother, richard )
tony keen 2 ( - details abt the bapa tribute to steve )
tammy d ( - not a written tribute - but some wonderful photos of steve & mooncat )
paul schroeder aka mooncat
motoko brimmicombe-wood ( - photo of steve )
rich johnston ( you have to scroll down a bit )
warren ellis
neil gaiman ( - you have to scroll down a bit )
dirk deppey  ( - you have to scroll down a bit )
the saga of the man elf gallery ( - only the first three pics are by steve )
martin hand ( - oh no, it's me...! )

 - phew...! - almost inevitably, i'm bound to have missed some tributes so please let me know of any you spot that i haven't listed here  - or any new ones that come along, obv
if anyone wonders why we're all making such of a fuss of this bloke & is curious, please go to steve's livejournal or steve's flickr account
jinty also put my mind at rest with this gomment to me a day or two ago: "I don't think lj delete accounts or anything so that'll stay no doubt; I know less about flickr but again I think it's unlikely it will just disappear."

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