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" you went away - you went away - you went away - but now you're back...! "

ITEM! hang the blessed dj dept: quite freaky to hear "death penalty demanded for steve wright" on the bbc radio 2 news - there are some of us who've been demanding it for the ferret faced creep & his "big show" for ages...!
ITEM! the strangest sight on wednesday's brit awards was andrew lloyd webber & denise van outen's gomedy double act - very odd & inappropriate - apparently lord lloyd webber is guest starring on hollyoaks at the moment ( - can really this be true? )

not much else to say abt the brits really: it started off slickly ( w/the awful mika - ugh ) but was the usual shambles by the end - funny to see ex celeb masterchef gontender paul young ( in the audience ) looking totally disgusted when the arctic monkeys won the award for best album ( - i was pleased that them & kate nash got summat ) - during amy winehouse's jittery performance w/ mark ronson the gamera panned to a lady violinist with very hairy arms, which was nice to see ( & pretty much my highpoint of the evening ) - also: i don't watch the x factor very often, so it was news to me how utterly awful & unspeakably vile sharon osbourne has become - i expect she was always like that really ( - but i remember liking the first series of the obsournes - esp. when she threw the great big ham into their neighbours garden )
ITEM! in a slightly delusional state last month, my monstrously massive ego gonvinced me that gomics gossip golumnist rich johnston was doing an "homage" to w.o.agwu when he moved away from his usual traffic lights system for one week only - but of course it's not always all abt me - & anyway i nicked "my" format from stan lee's bullpen bulletins in 1960s & 70s marvel gomics  
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