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- it's RED NOSE DAY on 24th MARCH 2017 - & the return (for the final time) of my dodgy drawings challenge: ie would anyone like to sponsor me to do a DODGY DRAWING in aid of the comic relief charity? - for a minimum pledge of a quid (or a couple of dollars) i'll draw you the comics/cartoon/other character of your choice with any accompanying wording/lyrics/quotes you like (or if you prefer, i'll choose something "appropriate")

i should make it clear that these would be digital drawings so there'd be no original artwork to send you

if anybody would like to sponsor me, you can use my "giving page" here:
(you don't *have* to use this to join in - it's just an option)

& if it's still not clear what i'm on about, there are plenty of examples from my 2013 & 2015 RND dodgy drawings challenge here: http://bit.ly/1uSIhxq & here: http://bit.ly/2kGhPH5

thanks very much!

Martin Hand

16 November 2016 @ 12:49 pm


28 June 2015 @ 12:13 pm

- jack kirby vs the cheeky girls - my dodgy swipe of the splash page of forever people no.3 1971 by kirby & colletta

cheeky, cheeky!

27 May 2015 @ 04:56 pm

- here are half a year's worth of covers i've drawn for SPIDEY TEAM-UP comic (after win mortimer X4, johnny romita & al milgrom) - as part of the images degrading forever project

FREE copies of SPIDEY TEAM-UP are available by emailing spidey(underscore)man(at)icloud(at)com

spidey team-up no.1 coverspidey team-up no.2 cover
spidey team-up no.3 coverspidey team-up no.4 coverspidey team-up 5 coverspidey team-up no.6 cover


- ALL DONE! - it's been a bit of a slog but i've FINALLY finished my DODGY DRAWINGS CHALLENGE for RED ROSE DAY 2015

FINAL TOTAL: £1050 raised for the comic relief charity's work with good causes in the UK & africa - thanks to the kindness & generosity of my sponsors & supporters (& to anyone who was able to help spread the word)

& you can see ALL 66 of my dodgy drawings for RND15 here

THANK YOU DODGY DRAWINGS 2015 SPONSORS: Jenni Cole, Katie Hand, Michael Hand, Lee Kennedy, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Harry Rag, Andrew Littlefield, Mike Teague, Mairi Louise, Saffron Garey, Claire Bennett, Sylvia Shepperson, Dry Si, Dave Howarth, Julian Clarke, Christopher Cavett, Peter Duncan, Jules Langley, Rebecca Toennessen, Nigel Fletcher, Hass Yusuf, Dave Hornsby, Allan Harvey, John Innes, Terry Wiley, Kat Stevens, Hypnos164, Gene Kannenberg Jr, Robin Barnard, Peter Rowe, Fiona Jerome, Paul Hudson, Andrew Moreton, Hazel Southwell, Russell Willis, Brad Parnell, Sarah Chambers, Mike Chambers, Andrew Williams, Pippa Ashton, Mart Gray, Magnus Anderson, Paul Reaney, Rachael House, Guy Lawley, Steph Senyszyn, Ellen Lee, Tony Lee, Phil Elliott, Tony Keen, Joy Barrett, Jon South, David Little, Mark Oliver, Ann Cole, Irina Lindfors, Izzy Islam & Tom Murphy

red nose day 66

LOVE from

Martin Hand


"KILLRAVEN EXPLAINED" - my 65th dodgy drawing (& first comic!) for red nose day 2015 - with many thanks to harry rag for sponsoring me

red nose day 65

(after p craig russell, herb trimpe & johnny romita)


- HEINZ! - there are now 57 varieties of DODGY DRAWINGS for RED NOSE DAY 2015 available to view here:
(& i've still got 8 more to do)

UPDATED TOTAL: thanks to the kindness of my sponsors we managed to raise £1035 for comic relief's good work in the UK & africa

red nose day 53

above: peter parker (after ditko) vs radiohead, sponsored by ellen lee

thanks again to all my sponsors, well-wishers & everybody who helped spread the word! :)

x Martin Hand


red nose day - thank

(alien after jack kirby)

- thanks to the kindness & generosity of my sponsors & supporters, DODGY DRAWINGS 2015 raised £1010 for red nose day/comic relief's work with good causes in the UK & africa - THANK YOU ALL! :)

& you can see all the dodgy drawings i've done so far here
(at time of writing i've still got 15 left to do)

thanks again,

Martin Hand


last chance to sponsor me

- today is RED NOSE DAY (as well as being friday 13th) - & it's the last day to SPONSOR ME to do you a DODGY DRAWING in aid of the comic relief charity - raising money for good causes in the UK & africa
(my deadline for sponsors = midnight tonight)

a big THANK YOU to ALL my sponsors & supporters! :)

x Martin Hand

ps. here are all the dodgy drawings i've done so far